Rising Value of Handmade Art in Era of AI

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Rising Value of Handmade Art in Era of AI

An Artist's Perspective

As an oil painter who regularly creates and sells handmade art, I've observed a unexpected dynamic in the art world. The advent of AI in art has sparked a renewed appreciation for my handmade creations. My perspective is that when you buy a piece of art, you're investing in more than just an aesthetically pleasing piece; you're connecting with the artist's purpose and their expression of a moment, of light and joy.

Sam Altman's Perspective

Sam Altman, a leading figure in AI, shared a similar sentiment in his interview on the "Hard Fork" podcast by The New York Times on Nov 24, 2023. When discussing the future of handmade goods, he predicts, "there will be a huge premium on things like that" and "there has always been a premium on handmade products. And I'd expect that to intensify."

Comparison of Handmade Art vs. AI Generated Art

Kelly Maloney Handmade Oil Painting Can you tell which one is hand painted and which one is AI generated? DALL-E Generated AI Art    

Artists' Perspectives

This prediction aligns with what I've experienced as an artist. Handmade art offers a unique, tangible connection between the creator and the viewer that AI-generated art struggles to replicate. William Faulkner captured this essence when he said, "The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life"​​. It's this arresting of motion and life that gives handmade art its irreplaceable value.

Moreover, Jackson Pollock once remarked, "Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is"​​. This personal touch, the artist's soul in each brushstroke, is what makes handmade art so special. AI, while efficient and evolving, lacks this personal journey of self-discovery and emotional depth.

A scientific perspective

A study highlighted by CyberTalk.org adds a scientific perspective to this discussion. Researchers found that people not only preferred human-created pictures over computer-generated ones, but also that their brains responded more actively to the human-made images​​. This neurological preference underscores the intrinsic value we place on human creativity.


For digital artists, AI's rise is a challenge, threatening to replicate their skills. However, for artists working with physical mediums like myself, AI presents an opportunity. It can help automate business tasks, allowing more time for creative work. Despite the growing capabilities of AI in art, the market and appreciation for artisan-made, handmade goods remain strong.

As an artist deeply involved in the creation and promotion of handmade art, I believe the rise of AI tools will only enhance the value of handcrafted creations. The human touch, with its imperfections and emotional depth, stands out vividly against the backdrop of AI efficiency, making handmade art more precious than ever.

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