Kelly Maloney Fine Art


The goal I have for my art is one I attempt to seek in my everyday life; to add joy to the corners of the world people are their most authentic selves in, at home, through color and light, in layers of paint.

In my own home are pieces I’ve added to my life that resonate with me and bring a sense of joy and peace. They make me feel truly at home. I hope to do that for others through what I create, especially in a world where we find ourselves bound by four walls more often than we used to. 

I work with oil paint, creating each piece in layers; spontaneously mixing colors as the painting unfolds rather than methodically planning each section of the canvas beforehand.  Faith informs the love I have for our natural world, and that spills out onto the canvas as a way to say "Thank you."

50% of the purchase price for each painting is donated to the Rochester Family Mission. If you'd like to learn more about this organization click the link and find out!