Impressionist Oil Painting

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Impressionist Oil Painting

Why Impressionism?

Let's chat about why I'm so inspired by Impressionist painting. There are moments that begin in a pretty ordinary place, like recently I found inspiration in parking lot of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants. That's where I saw this incredible sunset, a blend of teal green and orange that just lifted my spirits. That moment made me want to capture these fleeting glimpses of beauty and share them through my paintings. In this case, it was actually the inspiration to an abstract painting.

My Approach to Impressionism

Impressionism, to me, is about catching those little snippets of everyday life that I’d like relive again and again. I'm one of those artists who'll suddenly stop to admire a rural landscape or a bunch of flowers. Yes, my husband does get a bit anxious when I'm darting across streets for the perfect view, but if you are an artist like me... you know we can't be stopped!

My go-to subjects are landscapes, skyscapes, and florals – scenes from everyday life, but they are the moments that bring a bit of unexpected joy in my life. There's something cathartic about bringing these common sights onto the canvas, and allowing others to experience that moment everyday in their homes.

Bringing Impressionism into My Art

One of the impressionist artists who has moved me the most is Claude Monet. His work, especially those dreamy Water Lilies, is a huge inspiration. To me I’m not looking to mimic his style, but I love how he could take you away from the hustle of Paris to a tranquil, almost otherworldly place. That's what I aim for in my work – to transport you, even just for a moment, to a different, more serene world.

To me the inspiration of impressionism is not just about the painting style; it's about capturing those special moments that make you pause and appreciate the world a little more. I hope my art can do that for you, helping you see the everyday in a new, more beautiful light.

Impressionist Oil Painting Example

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