Framed Canvas Prints in Corporate Office Design

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Framed Canvas Prints in Corporate Office Design

A Local Artist's Perspective and Experiences

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Commercial real estate took a big hit during the pandemic, but with offices opening back up, employers need to entise employees back into the office by providing a workspace that is pleasing to work in, and definitely consider the aesthetics. Today, companies are increasingly turning to local artists to invigorate their workspaces with vibrant, thought-provoking art. I recently had the opportunity to work with First American Equipment Finance, providing five original oil paintings for their new office in Victor, NY. This experience offered me a firsthand look at the transformative power of art in corporate settings.

The Appeal of Canvas Prints

Canvas prints, particularly in office environments, have risen in popularity for several reasons. They offer a cost-effective yet impactful way to enhance a space. Unlike custom commissioned original paintings, which can be a significant investment, canvas prints provide a more accessible option for companies to support local artists and add aesthetic value to their environment.

Artistic Style and Corporate Preference

In my work, I've found that abstract pieces, with their vibrant colors and dynamic movement, are particularly well-received in corporate spaces. They add a much-needed burst of energy to often neutral-colored walls. My style – focusing on skyscapes, florals, and abstracts – aligns well with the modern corporate desire for art that is both captivating and unobtrusive. Abstract art, with its ability to blend seamlessly into various design themes, has become a favored choice.

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Customization and Collaboration

For corporates, the art selection process often involves a degree of collaboration. My experience with office clients has shown a preference for giving general direction while allowing significant artistic freedom. This approach contrasts with commissions for individuals, where the demands are usually more specific. The readiness to embrace the artist's vision highlights a growing trend in corporate art selection – a desire for unique, artistically free pieces that still resonate with the company's ethos.

Size Matters in Office Art

Another trend I've observed is the preference for larger paintings and prints in office spaces. Dimensions ranging from 24" x 36" up to 36" x 48" are often sought after. These sizes make a statement without overwhelming the space, creating focal points that draw the eye and stimulate conversation.

The Impact of Art in the Workplace

It's not just about aesthetics – incorporating art into the workplace has tangible benefits. A study by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors, involving over 800 employees from 32 companies with art in their offices, revealed compelling results. A significant 94% of participants acknowledged that art positively impacted their workplace ambiance. Additionally, 78% reported experiencing lower stress levels due to the presence of art. The study also found that 64% of employees felt art in the workplace boosted their creativity and productivity, while 67% believed it improved overall morale (Higginbottom, The Impact of Art in the Workplace, Forbes 2016). In spaces like First American Equipment Finance, the presence of local art has the power to transform hallways and boardrooms into hubs of inspiration and creativity.

Original Oil Paintings Office Wall Art

The rise of canvas prints in corporate office design is more than a trend; it's a movement towards creating more humane, inspiring, and personalized work environments. As an artist, it's heartening to see businesses recognize the value of local art, not just as decor but as a tool for enhancing the overall quality of the workspace. For artists and corporates alike, this shift opens up new avenues for collaboration, creativity, and mutual growth.

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