Leasing Artwork for Office Spaces

Kelly Maloney Fine Art

Leasing Artwork for Office Spaces

Transform Your Environment with Original Art

In today's fast-paced corporate world, the aesthetics of an office can significantly influence both the morale of its workforce and the impression it leaves on clients. Contact me for a unique option through an exclusive art leasing program that breathes life into professional spaces with original oil paintings. This initiative transforms sterile office environments into hubs of creativity and inspiration, and stands as a testament to the value of direct artist leasing.

Hanging artwork in a professional office space

A Welcome Return: The Case for Original Art in Office Spaces

The shift towards more dynamic and visually stimulating office environments is not just about aesthetics; it's about fostering a welcoming atmosphere that encourages employees to return to the office. With many companies grappling with the challenge of enticing virtual employees back into physical spaces, original artworks serve as a compelling draw. The warmth, color, and light that original pieces bring to an office can make the difference between a space that feels like a mere workplace and one that feels like a hub of innovation and joy.

Research supports this approach, with studies indicating that art in the workplace supports brand values, promotes social interaction, boosts morale, and inspires creative thinking​​. Furthermore, incorporating art that has a moderate amount of visual complexity, like impressionist or abstract pieces, can positively influence mood and enhance the environment without overwhelming the space​​.

Tailored Curation: The Benefit of Direct Collaboration with Artists

One of the standout advantages of leasing directly from artists is the personalized curation service that comes with it. Unlike broader curatorial services, working directly with an artist allows for a custom selection of artworks that resonate with the brand's identity and the office's architectural nuances. From impressionist to expressionist and abstract, my diverse range of styles and sizes means there is a piece for every corner of your office, whether it’s a statement piece for the lobby or a series of smaller works for breakout areas.

Floral original oil painting in a professional office environment

Rotating Artwork: A Fresh Perspective

The leasing program introduces an innovative concept— the ability to rotate artworks periodically. This flexibility not only keeps the office environment fresh and stimulating but also mirrors the dynamic nature of the business world, where adaptation and fresh perspectives are key to sustained success. The psychological benefits of changing visual stimuli are well-documented, with studies showing that different types of art can promote happiness, lower anxiety, and improve memory through a process known as embodied cognition​​.

Community Impact and Employee Value

Choosing to lease directly from a local artist also reflects a company's commitment to supporting the community and the arts, adding depth to its corporate social responsibility efforts. This gesture can enhance employees' sense of pride in their workplace, knowing their company actively contributes to the local arts scene. Moreover, art in the workplace has been linked to increased creativity, productivity, and a feeling of being valued, factors crucial for employee retention and satisfaction​​.

Abstract Oil Painting office wall art

A Success Story: Tech Firm in Rochester

A notable example of the program’s success is a tech firm in downtown Rochester that has embraced the art leasing model. This collaboration not only revitalized their office space but also provided them with first dibs on new original pieces, highlighting the unique advantages of working directly with an artist. This personal touch—unattainable through larger, impersonal corporations—ensures that the art not only enhances the space but also aligns with the company’s evolving identity and values.

Art as a Catalyst for Innovation

Incorporating original artwork into professional spaces is more than an aesthetic choice; it's a strategic business decision that impacts employee well-being, creativity, and corporate identity. Kelly Maloney Fine Art's leasing program offers an accessible, flexible, and impactful way to enrich your office environment, proving that art is not just to be admired but to be experienced, fostering a culture of innovation and engagement.